Question About Working with Leather

I work a lot with leather and my Glowforge and so far I love it other than when I use non-proofgrade materials the fumes can create a burned look on top of lighter color leather. In the little bit of research I have done a lot of people fix that with applying a adhesive contact paper. I was just wondering if anyone had a recommendation or brand they used for this sort of thing!? Thanks!!!

I use Application Transfer Tape low tack, works very well on leather.


I use this or its equivalent. Comes in several width selections. I chose 12 for a one pass on a 12x20 board.
Works very well on wood, plastic, or leather.
Just have to make sure you squeegee it on with a flat applicator or card. Some of the rough wood also needs a light sanding before use.

Easy to make guidelines. If it does not stick well, prepare the surface better.


I’ve been using this stuff for the last year or so, and I love it:


Here’s what I’ve been using -


Thank you everyone for the suggestions!!! Can’t wait to try this with some of my own materials!