Question for Brilliance users

Hi all,
I started using Brilliance so that I could mark my husbands steel tools with his initials and work id number and as soon as I saw how great it worked my brain went into overdrive wanting to do other projects (go figure, lol). I have googled and searched in here and likely have not searched the right words… does anyone know if items marked using Brilliance are food safe once they are marked and the Brilliance is washed off?

They have a chat, ask them?

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I did: this is what I received as an “answer”, lol

oh boy that’s helpful :slight_smile:

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that totally looks like a bot response.


Begs the question, what food related uses are you considering? As far as I know (that’s not far) metal marking usually involves an oxide layer being deposited. I would think that is inert. Just a guess.

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