Question regarding sealing a piece of sheet metal

Hi all,
I have a piece of galvanized metal and I spent the week removing most of the layer of rust proof zinc so I could give it a weathered look. Used some Enduramark on the metal and it came out great. Some of the text is difficult to read because it is on a part of the metal sheet where the protective coating was removed. (The metal has a nice rusting coming through).

Can I spray something on it that will:

  1. Now inhibit the rust process?
  2. Make the text a little more legible?

I’ll try to post a picture later, I can’t take one with this computer and I don’t have my phone.

Thanks in advance.


Hit it with a little water mist. That’s likely how it’d look if you coated it with clear acrylic, which is what I’d use to coat it.

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Don’t mist it with water as @randy.cohen suggested if you DON’T want any more rust.

Without pics, hard to say what would help the legibility, but you should be able to find a clear shellac or laquer spray that will adhere to metal (e.g. Rustoleum sprays) that should seal the surface and minimize the chance of any new corrosion.

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Metal doesn’t rust that quick. At least, not that you can see. Mist it with water, dry it off once you’ve had a look. It won’t look any more rusted than it did before you misted it with water. If you left it wet for a week it’d start to show signs of additional corrosion. Assuming it’s galvanized steel, that is. If it’s something else, YMMV. But no matter what it is made from, a few minutes of water isn’t going to do much of anything. It probably spent years in the weather to get to where it is now. a few minutes of being wet is a fraction of a percent of the age of the metal. And getting it wet is the only way to judge how it will look when you coat it, short of actually coating it.