Questions about Original SVG file artist

I want to purchase a SVG file on Etsy. I messaged the seller and they are not the designer. The Etsy seller told me they “found” this SVG on the Internet. I want the original designer to receive payment not this Russian thief.

  1. Is there any possibly way to locate the original artist?

  2. When making a file for a laser machine—- Is there a way to lockdown the file? So no changes can be made.


If there are images of the file you may be able to use google image search to find other posts with the same and find the original.


Making it a .pdf is the easy way to stop anyone who is not a designer from stealing it…but no, there’s really no way to stop someone who knows what they’re doing.



one of the main reasons we are getting stuck moving to cloud based applications.

too much piracy


Thank you —-I completely forgot. There is tineye.


Then you should be able to find it, too. If you can’t find it, that probably means it’s pirated content.


It is absolutely mind blowing the amount of international sellers who are selling the same unique file. The high majority of these questionable sellers also happen to be in Eastern Europe.

These are not files that were created in five minutes. These are works of art that a talented artist meticulously thought out the entire process and created something truly unique and original.

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