Questions About Proofgrade Cut settings



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You probably have two lines on top of each other.


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Yes, you do. (Kinda.)

I just pasted that code into an SVG file and it resulted in duplicate shapes.

Can you post the code for the entire file?

EDIT: The cut path shows up in Illustrator as a compound path. It shouldn’t.
When fully expanding the shapes, I end up with three lines, two of which are filled black,. one filled white. Your stroke is not a stroke, it’s a very thin fill.


If it’s cutting twice, you either have duplicated shapes or you’ve expanded the stroke and it’s cutting the inside and outside


That’s exactly what’s happening.

His fill is fine, but his cutline isn’t a stroke.


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Correct. Fills are engraved, strokes are cut.


Undoubtedly true, but seeing the difference between the SVG you posted and my own Illustrator CS5-created SVG files is enough to know that your code produced something different from what I know to work. :slight_smile:


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Is the polygon the same shape as the path? I think you need one or the other but not both if that is the case?


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The fill on this shape, despite being white, will still be interpreted by the Glowforge as an engrave operation. The stroke, which is applied to a separate identical shape, will be interpreted as a cut operation.


Your original post specified that you were engraving, so I though it might help to clarify the issue to mention it.

I specifically said “strokes are cut”. That should have been a pretty unambiguous reply.

You would probably get better assistance if you could refrain from being rudely pedantic to people who are trying to help you.


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At the moment, there is no wiki (that I know of), but you can see the settings in the Glowforge app. If you select a Proofgrade setting, then switch to manual, the PG settings will be pre-populated. (This doesn’t always work reliably. You may have to select the PG settings on one operation, then on a different operation, then go back to the first and switch to manual.)


This is not normal behavior. Be sure you have the “responsive” option turned off in the SVG dialog…