Questions about the GF Catan Board

I’m not sure I’m posting this question in the correct place but I’m trying to figure out what materials are best used for this project. Medium or thick, plywood or hardwood, which parts should be engraved, scored or 3d engraved? I was hoping to find an instruction sheet somewhere in the download but couldn’t find anything? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you look at the GIF file included in the ZIP, you’ll see a little animation that shows many different woods being used. I can’t see much point using more than 1/8 (“Medium”) for a game board, so any of the Medium PG materials will work. Plywood and Hardwood engrave differently which, from the included pic, shows what you could expect.


I moved it to where it belongs. Anything in the offical problems area will be closed in short order.


Thanks. I was able to find the picture and decide what materials I wanted to use but am now running into additional issues. No matter what I do it wont print. I had nonproofgrade hardwood and it looked as if aevertything was setup correctly but the print said it could not be done. I tried proofgrade hardwood and it still wouldnt print. The 3rd time I tried to print it was finally going to print but only one of the tiles was highlighted to print. I then noticed that the usable area on the GF was much smaller then usual. Right now the screenshot shows the image and just some draftboard in the background and is not set up for an actual print but you can see that the shaded sides are very far in.

I’ve shut everthing down, cleaned out the tray, and made sure everything was situated in the GF correctly but my usable bed area has shrunk considerably. Any Idea what’s happening?

You have speed of 4000 listed in the second operation. Set this to a smaller value and your usable area will increase


… plus you might need more than ‘1’ power if you intend to actually leave a mark.

You need to set appropriate cut and engrave settings that you have determined work for your material, or select the default Proofgrade settings if that’s what you end up using.

Also, you can drag off-screen the ones you don’t want to print, if you’re making them from different materials. The ones outside the printable area will just be ignored.


Yep, as @eflyguy said, see where I circled. You always need to check the left side. From what I have noticed, the huge majority of the time when users report their laser isn’t firing or it ‘won’t print’, if we are shown this, etc., the power has been set to 1. ALWAYS doublecheck these settings before hitting PRINT.


I wondered if the settings were the problem so I kept messing with the values to see if anything changed. so that was just me seeing what would happen if I changed things around. But even with proofgrade settings it was the same. I will do another screenshot when I get home showing the same usable area with different settings.

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