Questions not getting answered

My machine has been working fine for a year. Suddenly it wouldn’t cut the same material with the same settings anymore. I emailed support and they had me send in photos and they looked at the logs. A refurbished machine is now being sent. I had several follow up questions and since I was told I was getting sent a refurbished machine I have had no responses back.
I was never told what was wrong with my machine… Is it a software issue?
I would like to know if the warranty on the machine will renew when I receive it.
How old is the laser tube on the refurbished laser that I am getting?
My business is getting behind because of this. Will I get a tracking number?
Will phone support ever be available? It is shocking that if someone has real issues with a $6k product they can not talk to a real person.

Typically a warranty does not renew when an item is replaced, the original warranty continues through the original timeframe. I would guess that would be the case here.

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I do feel your pain and shock, and I would not be to happy about getting a Refurbished machine .
I would like the parts to fix the new one.

They do have the ability to access your logs at will so they make the call, I think its a brutal invasion of privacy but we signed on the dotted line.

The Problem with a refurbished machine is there our so many issues that can go wrong in transport, I have two of these , and each has its own personality , but it does allow me to swap parts as i wait for Glowforge to engage with me and they have been pretty good about getting me new ribbons .

I still have not gotten a price on the new laser tube if I need one, it all kind of top secret , which is meh.

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This isn’t secret at all. They’ve said for more than a year that tube replacement is expected to cost $499 and require sending the entire machine in.


Thank you!

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It does bother me getting a refurbished machine. Especially when they say the tube only lasts 2 years of regular use. It makes me question if I will get a tube that was heavily used. I thought I read somewhere the price of a new tube with parts, install and shipping is about $1500. I would need to verify that though.

Thank you for posting! I’m seeing that you do have an open support ticket, so I will respond to your questions there and will be closing this thread.