Quick and boring NY Maker Faire tag

I’ll be at Maker Faire tomorrow. If you’re there, too, and want to say hello, I’ll be the guy wearing this:

It’s thick draft board. Mostly 'cause I wanted to play with draft board. And partially because I wanted something thick enough to inlay the magnet.
(Oops. Just saw I didn’t fully rip off the masking from the “e.” Don’t worry, it came out perfectly IRL.)

Even thought I knew I wanted to make this weeks ago, I quickly designed and engraved this tonight. So, I didn’t have any fasteners. But I have magnets that I use with my Glowforge, so it’ll be magnetted to my shirt…

Yeah, that smear is the glue. Funny thing… I went to glue in the magnet and I wasn’t thinking and was right on top of a metal baking pan. So the magnet tried to get to it as I went to gently place it in its hole. :wink: Idiot.

Anyway, hope to meet you tomorrow!


Nice job on it! Are you doing a booth? (Or table or whatever they call them.)


Most excellent! Have fun…stay hydrated and don’t stress.:smile::smile:


Thanks! I forgot how much fun 'forging is. Now all I wanna do is make more stuff!
And, Nope! Never been to a Maker Faire so figured what the heck. The whole family’s going to check it out. 2.5 hrs each way. Supposed to be nice weather. Should be s good time!


Please post a lot of pics! I (sadly) won’t be able to go but I want to see everything (mostly :glowforge: ) :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks great, Tom! Hope your family have a fun time!


Nice name tag. Not that it matters in this application, but magnets and adhesives generally don’t play well together for very long.


It’s not boring, it’s literal and descriptive! And totally demonstrates the Glowforge capacity to solve problems.


That’s so great that you and your family will be making a road trip day of it. By now, it’s done and over with, but I’m sure you had a wonderful time.

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It looked great in person! And what a treat to finally get to meet you. I’m so glad you’ve got a forge that’s working well for you!