Quick and dirty tomato tags

Every year I grow heirloom tomatoes and each year I refine what types I want to grow and each year I “try” to label each plant so I know what’s what. I always fail!

So Glowforge to the rescue! I’ll have 40 total plants from 72 starter pods, and I’ll end up cutting a sign out for each so I do NOT lose track. Each group in the trays is 12 pods to a seed type - when I transfer these to cups, I’ll label each with a wooden sign. To me this kind of stuff is where the GF shines - quick and easy projects to help life!



Neat project! I like the little tomatoes on the labels.

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Very cool!

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Nice tomato tags! :grinning:

I can see many applications for this sort of tag! Thanks!

So I realized that cutting 40+ tags out would take quite a bit of wood, so I essentially made a CAD file that replicated a pointed Popsicle stick with the names engraved on them. Got everything I needed in a 1/2 sheet rather than the 4 it would have taken with the cuter ones.

I can also see a LOT of uses for this as well!


I saw a project here that used tongue depressors/paint stirrers, waiting to make a template out of cardboard to place them in and then burn…

Not enough time :sunglasses:

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I made a mini-Popsicle stick design for my vegetables. I cut from clear acrylic because 1) water and 2) I don’t use my clear acrylic for much and this lets me use the smallish, unused areas.

Good point, although I usually refine the seeds I use each year, so it’s ok to me to salvage a sheet of 1/8 PW each year for this.