Quick marketing question


So I’ve started to make some Christmass tree ornaments for the upcoming season to expand my line of goods for the next few months.

So the question is, what would most likely draw your eye if I had a table at a show? A fake tree from a store? A tree I made on the :glowforge: ?


I’ll take Curtain Two, Bob. :grin:


Okay, flat or 3d?


I´m with @Jules, no doubt.

I think it´s not so important if flat or 3d, but the design itself.

Prefer a 3d tree without any ornament than a flat tree without ornament… but…I would choose a flat pretty ornamented version of a tree rather than a naked 3d tree.


Some like flat … some like 3D … I think some of both!


Oh the ornaments will be both , I’m asking about the display.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh … I think a tree that you made would be better. Hopefully no one tries to talk you out of your display though!


I really like those rustic looking fake trees that are made from a thick branch with holes drilled in it, and fake pine boughs stuck into the holes. You can buy them or just make your own. Michaels and Hobby Lobby will start having sales on their holiday greenery if they aren’t already. You could even make one in this style that is somewhat 2D for display purposes.


Oh, go 3D, for sure. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! :grinning:


Oh I’m thinking clean design in _acrylic. _


Good questions. I might lean towards a fake tree if I really wanted to create a Christmas mood in my booth. On the other hand, if I really wanted to showcase the ornaments, I might go with a fairly simple flat tree cut out on your Glowforge and maybe/maybe not painted very simply. You want the ornaments to stand out more than the display they are on.


This is the road I’m thinking down. Needs to look good and say CHRISTMAS but not look better than the ornaments themselves.


Since you only have to make one of it, I might think something 3D with engraving, but not too colorful. And of course with lots of holes in the branches to hang your ornaments.


you could even take some stiff cardboard (or wood, if you want to spend) and cut out several “fake” trees to use as stands to show the ornaments. then give them one from a box that’s not hanging on the tree if they want to buy, so you keep the tree(s) full.


If your booth will have vertical space, another good display for ornaments is to hang them on an evergreen wreath. It’s festive/conveys the whole holiday vibe, and gives a reasonable idea of how the ornaments will look against the greenery of a tree.

It also frees up table space (which is often at a premium) and gives you a nice vertical display that people can see from a distance.


Around here all the venues give you a table only so any vertical space has to be created. Great idea for down the road. Perhaps one or two of those wire mesh art walls and then wreaths.


Option 2, half 3D for sure (like half a pie from the top/plan view). Or 3/4 3D if you plan to have a corner booth.
Plain-ish in complimentary theme to your pieces for sale that lets them be clearly distinguishable.


This is probably ridiculous, but what if you made a bunch of boxes with the “tree” engraved on them, stacked in a pyramid, with cleat-holes on the face to insert “branch” hangers. The boxes would double as storage, possibly for the products they are displaying, or for stock material, snacks, interesting rocks…


The drawing is absolutely priceless!

Now to the stacked boxes, I don’t know, I’ll have to mull that over, but the cleat thing, I love it already. By doing that, I can put other small gift items at the bottom and then have ornaments higher up, maybe even make a few toppers and have one on a cleat at the top.