Quick setup questions


Hi all,

I’ve got my GF Pro unboxed and have gone through the setup routine (thanks to a neighbor :slight_smile: ). Two quick questions:

  1. Is it okay to go ahead and use one of the lens wipes that came with the unit to wipe the round lens where the laser enters the head? I’m just cautious about it having been accidentally touched and have some oil residue on it.
  2. What is the small (about an inch or so) blue, tube that came with the GF. One side says “Install” and the other “Remove”? Did I miss a step?



Goto this link.



The side window of the head is a challenge not to smudge up during installation. Wipes are good for it. The small blue tube is the lens replacement tool that you use to pull out the lens from the bottom of the head when it needs cleaning, usually only after about forty hours of heavy use.


Thanks - great answers @karaelena and @marmak3261.

@n_s_clements, if you have any feedback on what made setup challenging, we’d love to hear it. (Just start a separate topic)