Quick sign for a work-life committee wine event



Been stupid busy at work, so haven’t posted (or crafted :frowning: ) much lately. But had some time to do some crafting for a work event, and thought I’d share.

Back of the sign after starting to weed, and realizing I lost the dot of the i.

Made with frosted acrylic and cherry plywood, glued with E-6000.

Final product with new dot for i. Think I’ll make another one of these, larger and back lit for myself when I get a chance :slight_smile:.


What a cool project. I really like the background (it looks great both partially and fully weeded). You always seem to know how to put an added touch to a project that really brings it up a notch or two (or three or more).


Yup, your designs are always designed wonderfully, like the next level.


That looks amazing! I really like the pattern you used on the acrylic and the color of the cherry plywood just pops!


I love the combination of those materials–looks great!


Oooh! Neat! I like the frosted acrylic look. :smile::+1:


Amazing project! Love the frosted acrylic with the wood.


Whoa! The pattern in the acrylic is soooo cool! And I like the depth adding the ply on top of the acrylic gives. With that painting behind it, it looks really, really good. Nice job!


Another winner! Nice job as always!


The pool of circular engraves really sells it… anything for an excuse to watch the laser score around… and around… and around… :smile:


Exactly! It almost sounds musical making the circle scores too…now to figure out a design that would make the GF sing…hrmmm. :wink:


awesome, this looks fantastic.


I love the acrylic and wood together. A slice of a cork, maybe one with a logo on top, would make a nice dot for the “i”.