Quick Soldering Jig

Was having trouble soldering together some PC boards that make a ring (4 Adafruit NeoPixel 1/4 60-LED Ring pices). Did this once before a few years ago, but my fine motor skills must have gotten worse / I must have had a 3rd (and 4th?) hand at the time.

Occurred to me the Glowforge is so quick and accurate I could just cut a simple jig to hold the parts together. Might never use it again, but it was super quick to cut, made the job much easier, and I got a better result to boot!

Jig in action:

Final product - flat, aligned, and conducts electricity :

Next project is an engraved clock face and box.


That’s a practical cut. Nice job.


Fine use!

That’s neat. Jigs are super helpful. I made one for soldering Diodes for mechanical keyswitches.

I’ve been looking at LED rings and almost bought some pre made ones. Must not start new projects until I finish ones I started. Quit tempting me.

I am trying to finish projects before starting new ones too. Right now I am trying to restrict myself to two projects at one time - this one and an automatic flaming chalice.


Huh you know, in the meantime someone has started making 60 led rings in one piece:

18 bucks on amazon, probably cheaper if you hunt on aliexpress or dx or something.