Quick way to clean up scraps

Made a video awhile ago about cleaning up the crumb tray with a shop vac, everyone wanted to see a handheld version and see if it was strong enough to clean up smaller parts too. Well, I finally got one and made a new video for those who wanted it.


Be careful. As someone has pointed out on here before, vacuums can create a static charge. Stay safe out there buoys and gulls. Proteck dat zappy boi.


Yeah I stay away from main components just clean up the crumb tray with it just in case.

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The link on the YouTube video goes to a $43 Black Decker. Not the same vacuum.

I’ll double check when I get home. Thanks.

I just double checked, that is the exact same link I used to order it, mine is a black and decker that I paid $43 for as well. They could have updated the look of it since then.
Here is a screen shot of my order, it matches up to the listing

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