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Is there an alternate escalation path to get a response from support@glowforge? I am currently in the process of getting a resolution on the yellow/amber light issue but the single email, on my open trouble ticket, a day is killing me. If there is anyone from the support org looking at these posts.

This is a public form so you probably don’t want to post your email - and

Opening a 2nd ticket (by posting here) just slows them down since they have to find/verify/close any duplicates before they can answer the original email. Sadly no on the speed. Until the company is WAY larger they’re unlikely to have faster CS. They had just introduced chat (at support.glowforge.com) when the pandemic hit and now it’s staffed very irregularly.


Also seeing the quantity of duplicates currently I am sure they are spending a ton of time just sorting that all out.


Thanks for the pointer on the email (@DaveL and @deirdrebeth). I don’t disagree that they are probably looking at duplicates, but they need a better and speedier way to handle support. I know that if I wasn’t at my wits end on the 1 email a day, I wouldn’t have posted here.

Maybe the approach would be to sell different SLAs through different subscriptions. I’d suggest coming up with a potential paid for support program, I know I would happily pay for it, since then the printer is down, my business is at a stand still. Support is also a factor on making future investments as my company grows.

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