Quilting Template?

Afternoon all,

Curious if anyone has any links or shop links to an SVG file for quilting templates? I have a friend who is looking for a jewel/diamond shaped measurement tool for her quilting projects.

any input would be greatly appreciated

There’s a good google trick: “inurl:svg”

I’d start by googling “quilt template inurl:svg” and see what you get.

There are a ton of results, I wouldn’t know where to begin for you, but here’s a simple one:



Bravo! Thanks!

I’d be happy to assist you in making some quilting templates. Here is a pattern I made for cutting out masks. I added a grid and a ruler. I use Inkscape.


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this is perfect thank yoU!!

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You are welcome. I fixed it. I had deleted some of the vertical lines accidentally and didn’t realize it until I looked again.

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