R2D2 Wall Art Gift - 12 Days of Gifts Video Series

Suzanne and I are creating 12 Days of Glowforge Gifts - here’s Day 2


Great video Ryan!


Thanks man. Looking forward to making other designs now that I got this Adobe Capture, to creating tabs process down. - Ryan

Looks great


This was the third or so time I’ve heard someone talk about Adobe Capture on these forums, but I hadn’t tried it yet. I just did. Wow. It’s very useful.

Does it require a Creative Cloud account? I signed in with mine - but I’m curious for folks without the Adobe Suite if they can still use this app. Really nice.

I kind of wish it could also do a simpler thing… rather than vectorize everything, if it could do more like what the GFUI does, with capturing a raster image and outlining with a vector.

It works because the AC AI doesn’t let you screw up things up with Trace settings. Not sure about CC. Try it. It’s free. I love it if i need vectors.


I was using Adobe Capture before I started subscribing to CC so I do think it’s free. You can create an Adobe ID without CC.


Looks Great! Great video!

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Ok, I want that file! Paypal isn’t working from your site. :frowning: (ETA: gave up on paypal.)

Adobe Capture seems cool, but it’s not really clear what it does or how to use it, from the product page on Adobe.com. LOL So it’s a MOBILE app, that can be a vector converter (for our purposes) using images captured by the phone camera? Am I getting that right?

Great vid, and really cool piece! Looking forward to doing my own renditionS.


Nice work. R2 is cool!