Rack Gear Inkscape

I’m using 0.91 inkscape at the moment, and happily making spirograph gears for grandchildren.
Now I need to design a rack and pinion gear for myself, but having problems with the rack.
The units in the menu don’t match the size of the drawing, and getting a rack gear to match the pinion seems to be impossible.
Anyone managed this, or any ideas, please ?
I see there is a 0.92 version, but does that solve the problem, as I wont shift unless I have to !
John :upside_down_face:

Are you using a gear generator? I know there are some out there.


Only using the Inkscape generator, which has been fine for wheels, but the rack just seems to be useless. 'll have to drill down through that link, unless anyone has more info on inkscape’s tool.
thnks, John

@geek2nurse did a good implementation.

Mastermind Game With Rack & Pinion Box Latching Mechanism


Yes, alovely piece of work.
I’ve now finished designing my own rack gear, quick adjustment with the kerf allowance, and I have a matching rack/pinion.
Trial and error is pretty quick !
John :upside_down_face:


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