Rad Lines Vector Plotting Tool

Fun and potentially-useful project from Maks Surguy:

This week I’ve released #RadLines, a web based tool for making beautiful vector shapes for pen plotters, laser engravers and other #CNC machines.


Interesting! It gets weird pretty quick if you click on Randomize.

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Really neat. Thanks for the work on this. So slick!


I just got my Glowforge and turned it on yesterday. I’ve been reading many posts on the community and this is one of the most interesting. Red Lines is awesome! Great work!


Thanks for posting this. I can see a lot of potential with clock, wall art or even coasters. Time to have fun!

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Wow. That was fun to play with. Have you played with the iOrnament app? I know it’s available for iOS, I am not sure of other platforms.

Fun, thanks!

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I haven’t tried iOrnament. I have messed with the symmetry features of Procreate a little.

Most of the stuff I do in that vein is subtly not symmetrical.


Very fun!

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