Radiometer Holder

We moved recently and this radiometer used to hang from the ceiling. I didn’t want to put holes in our new ceiling and so I made this to hang it in.

I may remake it and remove a few of the middle slices. Easy to design in F360 and Slicer.


Nice solution! That’s better than the ceiling. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Probably the most under appreciated design tool out there.


Nice as it is, but I agree that two middle rings could be removed.


Please post if you remake. Looks cool … Would enjoy seeing more of it.

I knew what you meant, but looking at it, I’m like “There are 5 rings, what are the 2 middle ones?”

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I have a Galileo thermometer and have always wanted a radiometer too. It is such a great object to demonstrate a fundamental of reality that can otherwise be ignored.