Rag shuttle in mirror acrylic...because I can

I’m making weaving tools for an Etsy store I will open soon. My local weavers group will have a zoom meeting next weekend, and i want to show them some of the things I make. I’ve done this design in wood and opaque acrylic, but I wanted a personal piece with some zing. (plus if it’s too prone to scratches, it won’t be someone else’s prized possession that is marked up.)

There are also two sizes of pickup shuttles.

I’m still working on photos of the re-entry phase for rag shuttles; stand by…


Oooohhhh, shiny!


I am sure the “mirrored acrylic” will assist in reflecting heat from re-entry :rofl:

Thanks for that last little joke, it had me laughing!

(I don’t know much about weaving, so I still don’t know what a rag shuttle is for…)


this is a rug made of rag strips. At 1.5" wide, they will only fit on specially designed shuttles. The rag shuttles allows the fabric strips to be wrapped onto the shuttle and ‘unrolled’ as you weave with them.


I think we need video!


That’s a really lovely rug!

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Swanky! I love the rug…

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I’ll work on it. I already have a short clip of using a drop spindle, can you point me to guidelines on posting video that doesn’t hog bandwidth?

Post to YouTube, then post link here.

I’m leary of YouTube’s terms of service. I wonder if Vimeo is any less worse.

I’ve joined Vimeo. Here is a short video, using the drop spindle:

The embed code didn’t seem to work. Hints?..nevr mind!

I have the hands of Mrs Voldemort. She’s probably pissed & wants them back.


Thank you! Light bulb goes off: so that’s how it works.


Another thing I used to do a long long time ago… fun to be reminded!


Looking forward to your etsy shop when it opens! Make sure to post the link!

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