Rails wheel (black) beneath the laserhead split in two

How to paste a foto here! I need a new part whats broken (already, i dont use my machine a lot :cry:
But one of the 2 black “rail wheels) under the laserhead are broken …
What to do!!

You opened a ticket by posting here.
You can drag and drop the image directly from the file list .
There was a bad batch of wheels and they are still finding them.

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What does that mean…
I am living in holland. How can i get a new one… :cry:
Middle in one of my assignments this happens… nice not

Copy the picture on your computer. Paste it in the area where you type your response. You can also just email it to support@glowforge.com

They will send you a new wheel.

Since this has to do with your personal account, we will follow up with you through email. I’m going to close this topic.