Random acts of Kindness


I am compelled to share with you all something special that put an additional shine on a meaningful day for me.

As evidenced by that little emoji by my name, today started out with gifts and a card staged on the kitchen table where I read the morning paper with my coffee.
I go to bed a few hours later than Susan and I get up earlier, so she exibited an uncharacteristic sneaky move by getting up sometime during the night and setting that up. :heart_eyes:

Then, as I started reading the forum, there was a personal message for me.
An international member of ours, @matteo gave to me his Inventables $50 gift certificate code seeking nothing in return, explaining that shipping and duties rendered it useless to him. At some point in the past I had offered a few words of advice, and today, he thought of me.
Unknown to him that today is my birthday, made it especially surprising and meaningful to me.

In my reply;
“I am humbled by your generosity, and I will put the materials you have given to an appropriate use as a gift for someone deserving.
That you turn what was a hollow gift to you into a meaningful gesture for someone else makes it very special! In that spirit, I will pay it forward.
Thank you my friend. :+1”

A Selfless Gift to Me

Happiest of birthdays dear friend! :grinning: :balloon::confetti_ball::boom::birthday::ice_cream::lollipop::candy:


Happy birthday! Nice to see you’re appreciated.

And @matteo obviously is awesome too.


The gesture was indeed awesome! It made my day.


Happy Birthday!
Susan sounds like a peach! @matteo is obviously very thoughtful. Things to laser … Better than cake!


Happy Birthday my friend!


And the happiest of birthdays from me as well ! :candy::sparkler::hatching_chick: :birthday::pie: :clinking_glasses::boom: :gift::ribbon: :beers::balloon: :tada::popcorn:


Happy day. Great story. Thanks for all you have done on the forum but more for who you are.


Happy Birthday, and thank you for opening up. You’ve spread that joy you felt much further afield, and given a share to all of us.
John :upside_down_face:


Happy Birthday!!! :tada:


Wishing you a wonderful day, my glowfriend…and many happy returns. Obviously the kind-hearted @matteo chose just the right person and the right day to give such a thoughtful gift. You are most deserving.


Happy Birthday!


I can’t think of anyone who deserves such a birthday present more! Good on @matteo for his generosity. Happy, happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!
hank you for sharing


Happy Birthday! Pass it forward :smile:


Happy birthday. Your gesture sets a great example for all of us. I hope you have a well deserved happy birthday. :smiley:


Happy birthday what you do for others will come back 10 times in blessings.


Happy big cake day!!! :confetti_ball: That’s a very generous gift, and not monetary speaking.

And talking about gifts, will we make a :glowforge: Secret Santa this year??


We should. That was fun. :slightly_smiling_face: