Random line engraving in different areas of design

Hi. I have a line that is engraving on a design. I have searched the svg and there is no line in the design. I have engraved this design once before no problem.

The first time it was horizontal and was at the end of the engrave. I redid the engrave and this one was vertical in a different spot. I cannot figure this out.

Here is a previous discussion of this issue. Random lines showing up on work


If you want to post your art here someone can aid you in finding the open nodes described in the discussion @dklgood linked to.


Here is the artwork. Thank you for your help.

That is a picture of the file. I think we need the actual file to look for open paths.


I would love to take a closer look at the file for you to identify what is causing the unexpected print results. Could you post the file so I can take a closer look? If you prefer not to post it publically on the forum, you can also send it via email to support@glowforge.com and I can take a look there!

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