Random lines being engraved on design

Random lines are being engraved on wood that are not supposed to be there. I have cleaned everything and aligned vent. I have used different designs, but the lines still appear. Any suggestions on how I can correct this?

Are you engraving vector or raster images? If vector, try rasterizing your images prior to engraving.

There is a current known issue with vector engraving.


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Are random lines appearing in all of your engraves or just some designs?

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Thank you for responding!

What is rasterizing? I have an older glowforge, does that make any difference?

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The age of your Glowforge should not make any difference.

Rasterizing is converting from a vector format to a raster format.

Vector graphics consist of descriptions of points, lines, shapes, etc. Typical formats are SVG, AI, CDR, created by programs like Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer and, Corel Draw.

Raster graphics are grid-like maps of pixels. Photos are raster graphics. Typical formats are PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, JPEG and, many more, created by programs like Adobe Photoshop.

If you tell us what software you are using, we can probably explain in more detail how to export to a raster format from it.


I am using Silhouette

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I have not used Silhouette Studio at all but, believe it is primarily a vector image editor.

According to this support page, you can export to PNG (a raster format):

You should be able to bring that PNG file into the GFUI (Glowforge web software) and, engrave that.


Thank you for your help. I will try saving the design as PNG. I appreciate your quick response.


Glad to help!

If you continue to have problems with the raster engrave, please post a photo of the engrave with the unexpected lines and, we’ll keep troubleshooting.


Hello, was your issue resolved by rasterizing the image?

I’m also having random horizontal lines show up on my engravings now. It’s not always, and its on random engravings. I’ve cleaned the machine and restarted it.

This is a known issue that they’ve got a solution to which they are rolling out to machines as we speak - it’ll probably take a week or more before everyone has it though! In the meantime, rasterizing fixes the issue.