Random Others... And an apology

I apologize for the huge data dump - I wasn’t aware this topic even existed. It’ been a little over a month and I’ve been trying all kinds of things with the Glowforge. I’m happy that I get a chance to share them and get your feedback.

That being said, I’m not going to post new topics for the following one-off projects:

An Watch band with my car’s logo on it:

My step-daughter’s cheese bread recipe on a cutting board:

An acrylic Mandalorian-themed keychain:

MY version of “live laugh love”


No worries … we never get tired of seeing new projects! Good going!

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You’ve been an inspirational ball of fire! You did more projects in one month than I did in two years, and yours are all beautifully done. No need to apologize!


Pretty cool work!! How did you do the watch band?

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The watchband? They’re made of silicone. That one is just engraved (the silicone turned white like that when it was finished) but I’ve heard of people filling their engraving in with paint. I just laid it down on the work surface and lined up the logo… Pressed the big pulsing blue button and waited about 4 minutes.


Awesome!! Thanks!!