Random question

Has anyone tried to make replacement mullions for their windows on the Glowforge? I feel like it could be done, but I am not sure how to do the notch where it fits into the other pieces. I don’t have any myself to measure or anything, but everyone in my neighborhood who has the original builder grade windows is having some break. I’m wondering if something could be fashioned with gradient engraves on BB or something.

today i learned what a mullion was lol. so no haven’t tried, but depending on how aggressive the profile is i think it could be done. either by gradient engrave like you were saying or if it an aggressive one, maybe some sort of stacked design?


Getting specific depths is hard and it always pulls up whatever gtain is there. Getting a gradient is easy enough, Getting a curved gradient a bit tricky but possible. Cutting a bunch of quarter-jnch thick shapes to glue 60grit sand paper to so a bunch of elbogrease would get you to the shape you want much easier except for the elbogrease part.


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