Random things found floating around my forge

Well. My forge is perfect, works great no actual problems

So this thread will be more funny/interesting than anything I actually need help with.

But take a look at the pictures of what I found floating around inside my glowforge, after having it for a full week now and using it every night :wink:

Strange rubber “O” ring found to the left of my crumb tray:

And hey, free Ziess Wipes! Thank you! That’s awesome!

I am wondering if there are other presents waiting for me in other recesses of the forge.


But seriously, is that o-ring important? Should I reinstall it someplace? Hmmm. I did a job tonight and no problems yet

And please let me know if there should be other things floating around (like those wipes)… UPS did upend the Box on its side so anything could have floated around. Probably not good to just toss in unsecured small items into the glowforge before shipping.


Looks like the rubber washers from the stops that connect the gantry to the rail for transport mode.


The Easter Bunny! :rabbit:


Yep, the rubber washers were on the stops that were screwed into the side rails holding the gantry in place. Put them back onto them so that next time you screw them in to lock the Glowforge down (for shipping, etc.) the rubber stops keep the side rails from getting scratched.


Ok mystery of the O ring solved!

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Pretty sure I didn’t do the ziess wipes though … hmmmm :wink:

They probably stashed one there so no one uses it for their glasses, ready when they call in to support about a dirty lens. It’s like an extra sheet of ProofGrade, stashed safely away… :smirk: (kidding)


Hadnt considered that. Clever! Haha

Did you find the lens wipes that were included in your forge? That could have been in the foam block and get tossed out during shipping

Another one of those “rubber black olives” :rofl:


As @jakerember stated: You should have had a pack of wipes included. Normally inside of the foam insets. But it could have been bounced out when packing, shipping, or unpacking. Fortunately it wound up somewhere safe.


@jakerember… see picture. yes I found them behind the liquid cooling tank. :slight_smile:

@jacobturner good to know it is standard and not some rando thing a factory worker dropped in there.

So My suggestion for GF assembly line is to secure the “free ziess wipes sample” a little better, or someone’s machine may get wipes lodged somewhere that could damage something :slight_smile: I think it’s pretty standard that UPS is upending these boxes, against the labeling’s best efforts to warn not to. (My GF ended up on my porch on it’s side, and several people in the Facebook group had it happen too)


Maybe, but the new machines are plastic wrapped in a bag now so it’s unlikely anything will work its way into the guts of the machine like yours did (I’m assuming you didn’t have the bag wrapped GF version).

Aren’t the wipes tucked into the foam pieces, stuffed inside the padding foam in the gantry, covered by a Glowforge, covered by a plastic bag? :joy: I think its fate is sealed, now.


Right, if tucked in the foam, inside the plastic bag. Then… well… it can fall free and lodge behind everyone’s cooling tank (which is on the inside front left corner of the 'forge), or worse!

Isn’t the GF placed in the plastic bag which is then inserted in the foam pieces in the new GF shipping?

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HAHA. It depends what foam the wipes are inserted into! WHITE or GREY. LOL. Since mine had fallen out, and my door was closed, I assumed my wipes were inserted into the WHITE foam on the INSIDE of the machine… Which the new “big plastic bag” wouldn’t help protect against, since it’d all be trapped inside the bag together. :slight_smile:

But maybe the wipes were inserted into the GREY foam on the outside of the GF? I can see how “the bag” would protect against that. HMMM…

(and yeah, my GF was “pre bag”… lol)

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It’s turtles all the way down, I swear to God…


GF bag / foam / bag / foam / wipes Inception