Random tile, came out nice

I found a couple of old tiles in my mum’s attic so decided I’d give them a go.

Trying some glass coasters next


Those look awesome, great job…

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That has some really nice contrast! Did you color it with something or is it just the type of tile that made it look like this?

it looks like the underlying tile material is that clay color. which now has me keeping in the back of my mind looking at different kinds of tile next time i’m in a big box store.


I really think this is very nice

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no colour, just scorched tile :slight_smile:

so the underlying substrate under the glaze is white and that’s what color it turns when engraved? do you know what the material is? most tiles don’t usually discolor that much. that’s why people color them in with marker.

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INteresting effect. It does raise questions about that tile for sure! A unicorn of some sort…