Raspberry Honey Wheat Ale



My latest creation, which has ridiculous amounts of raspberry. My gf said “I never taste the fruit” to which I said, challenge accepted and threw 6 pounds of raspberry into 5 gallons of honey wheat ale I made.

Let that ferment another week and kegged it up.



So now the question is can you taste anything BESIDES fruit :joy: that’s a good looking concoction


My mom would love that–she is really into raspberry.


That sounds like the beers I had in Brussels.


I find the Belgian fruit beers to be particularly appreciated in the upper nineties (Fahrenheit that is.)

Does it get that warm in San Diego or will you have to head east?


It is REALLY appreciated in the 90s Celsius!!!


That must tingle the sides of your tongue!!
Looks good though :beer:


Looks like something my wife would love.
On another note, with the fair number of us here that brew I was wondering if anyone is going to the National Home-brewers Con. in Minneapolis in June?
Being in my backyard I figure it’s a must for me.


Nice! With that amount of sugar though, make sure to watch that alcohol level. It’ll kick you right in the boo boo.


take out the ale and add copious amounts of chocolate, and count me in!


You can! the fruit is certainly there but its very much beer still. The big thing is since beer converts sugar to alcohol it’s always a bit harder to find a fruit taste. Thats one great way to tell if your brewer is cheating and using artificial flavors.

A lot of my beers are actually geared towards female tastes as I found many girls never drank beer at parties unless it was ultra light. I’ve had some big hits with summer fruity beer.

I’m near the ocean so not terribly, but it’s a perfect summer guzzler. Light, crisp, refreshing.

Not me, I don’t take it very seriously. I use it to bribe friends and coworkers mostly.

100% true, I try to brew slightly higher ABV as well without it tasting too alcoholic.

I brewed a chocolate peanut butter milk stout you probably would like. :smiley:


Curiously I am drinking a homebrewed raspberry hefeweizen right now.


Me either but I enjoy hanging out with people that do. I always learn something while having fun.