Raspberry Pi Weather Station / Echo Dot Outdoor Enclosure

My first collaborative project integrating the best of 3D printing with the Glowforges beautiful ability to create perfect cuts out of acrylic. I wanted to make an outdoor enclosure for a raspberry pi with a sense hat to make a remote weather station to put by our cottage by the lake up in Sturgeon Bay, WI. We also do movie nights on the lake and family and friends look forward to it during those warm summer nights. We have a professional movie screen that we set up and a projector on the dock next to the water (our theatre is called Dockside Theatres, catchy eh?), we’ll watch the sunset with a bonfire roaring and then I connect an iPhone to the projector and Bluetooth connect the audio to an Amazon Echo. This year I want to have the echo dot connected to an outdoor stereo system so I can just pair when we want to watch a movie with louder speakers mounted in the trees. This enclosure also allows an Echo dot to be secured inside and we make use of the audio out connection.

Check out the project on my blog here and all the downloadable files along with the laser cut files for the mounting plate and cover. Hope you like it, of course at the time of writing this blog we’re in the middle of a two-day blizzard so this enclosure hasn’t been installed yet, but summer’s coming soon…I hope!

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Downloadable Files on Thingiverse


Very cool!

Wow, nice writeup and great project! I’ll bet your cottage is a popular spot in the summer.

That’s the way to prep for summer! :grinning: