Raster Image Alignment Issue

New GF user, but experienced in vinyl cutting (Silhouette) and 3D printing. Experienced in making raster & vector art for production purposes.

Raster art in prints seems to have two passes which are out of alignment - most prominently in the center of images. The edges appear to be fine, but as it marks in the center, it’s as if the left and right passes are not lining up. See two attached examples - printing a gift of good measure also results in this type of behavior for the text.

I have wiped all of the glasses per the instructions with a Zeiss wipe. I’ve had the machine around 10 days. Thanks in advance!



if you post a picture of the misaligned Gift of Good Measure it could help diagnose, as that is a known file.
also if you know the approx time and date that you printed the G.O.G.M. it will help support diagnose.


Thanks, made just now on PG draft board, used pegs to keep it flat and stable:

yeah… that ain’t right.
hopefully Support can help you out.

Only thing I could think to check in the meantime would be to inspect the belts & pulleys for debris.

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Since you posted here a ticket has been opened for your issue - Support usually answers within a few hours.

That’s really odd! Normally the only time you get dup passes is because you’re not skilled with the files and you’ve got an invisible dupe - that’s clearly not your problem.

Fingers crossed!

Just one thing…if you had filled parts that were supposed to be Engraved set to Score or Cut instead, you might see that kind of duplication of paths. The fact that they’re shifted is problematic though.

No path duplication going on - the Gift of Good Measure kinda proves that I think.

Was hoping to get some love on this one - opened ticket 96706 as well.

I’m so sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Could I ask you to clean and provide photos of each of the parts in the Things that need wiping and the Wiping the Mirror in the Printer Head sections of our support page? You can post these photos in a reply to this thread, or send them to us at support@glowforge.com, and we’ll be happy to take a look.

Thanks in advance.

Here you go, as well as a new Gift print. I had to print the Gift twice…the cuts on the first one did not penetrate the PG draft board, but the second one did.

I think there might be a blemish on the inside of the head window. Is there any way I can clean that?

Weird is that it’s only happening in part of the engrave. Possible is that somehow forward and back passes are getting out of line, but I don’t understand why that would happen and then unhappen…

It can happen. My first machine started doing this on the right side of the bed. I could still print fine as long as I didn’t position anything in the rightmost few inches of the bed. I think that’s why when they have people do test prints of the GOGM they say to position it as far right as possible.

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Any love here @vee ? It’s been a few days.

Thanks for taking the time to post those photos. I’m so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Based on what I see here, I’d like to send you a replacement printer head lens and printer head window. This should resolve the issues you’re seeing. I’ll be following up in a few minutes via email to sort out the details.