Raster Image questions

Hopefully we’re still at the ‘there are no stupid questions’ phase of Glowforge… Because I have some more questions.

With raster graphics, if your whole project is an engrave, do you still have to place/embed it in Illustrator to create an SVG, or is there another file format that is supported that can be generated straight from Photoshop?

Secondly, does the resolution of the raster image matter? Is there a benefit to saving something at a higher than web resolution? Does it work like in print where you generally want the DPI to be 2x the line screen that the job is printing at?



If all you want to do is engrave it, you can drag it and drop it onto the interface and it knows what to do. Won’t have any cutlines associated with it unless you Trace it and create them though.

I generally like to keep the resolution to less than 300 ppi, unless I’m working on something only a couple of inches tall - no reason to go too high on the resolution with the pixels.


Illustrator (for example) would be needed to add a cutline. But, you can upload JPEG and PNG straight to the Glowforge.

You definitely want a higher DPI image. I’d have to search but I showed an example of the differences a while back. That you’re asking the questions means you know a little about resolution, which is good. :slight_smile: the unit isn’t as sensitive/fine as a printer nozzle but still pretty sensitive to resolution. Some may disagree with me on this - and that’s ok. I prefer to mitigate the risks of poor results by at least using good source material.


In addition to the other formats mentioned you can also drop PDF files in the GFUI.

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