Ravenclaw Box

Been busy with Christmas presents. Turns out two of my cousins are Ravenclaws, so for one I’m doing an updated version of the wand box I made earlier this year for one of them, and a Ravenclaw shadow box for the other.


Sweeet! :sunglasses:

Wow! Is that an inlaid acrylic engraving? Came out fantastic!

These will be big hits with your cousins. I predict additional requests once these are unwrapped.


Really nice!! now if you had an Led that would light up inside the box when it was picked up or moved…, What wood is it?

It’s an unfinished cigar box from Michael’s, finished with blue dye. I love what everyone’s doing with their custom boxes, but TBH, I’m in a rush and these pre-made boxes are hella cheap.


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