RC Lawnmowers vs robotic Lawnmowers - not about Glowforge

In all my searching there is a huge number of “robotic” Lawnmowers and not more than bounce around like a game of Pong. but cannot do a G-code type path, and equally, I can not find any that you could drive like an RC car, The Trailerpark lawn is very small but does not lend itself to the perimeter wire system and my legs and back can no longer manage even the lawn as small as it is and a riding mower on a postage stamp is both silly and cannot even reach some of the places.

Advertising does not talk about such details as they are selling what they have and talk about remote control as having your phone start or stop the machine I am hoping that someone in this group might know enough to hack or something to get it to do what is needed.

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Does Stihl’s new line of lawn robots have the buried wire control or an AI controller?


Utilizing different perimeter wire installation tools and its flexible programming, iMow can be programmed to mow a variety of different yard layouts (like a front or back yard). Your STIHL iMow Dealer can determine the best installation solution for your yard.

Reading further like all the rest it operates only as it is set, with no “RC” ability

While I was Youtubing for a battery project for my lawnmower, I saw a YT video for making your lawnmover RC controlled using toy car RC controllers. Might be worth doing some video watching if you’re open to building/modding something yourself.

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That is an area I am really incompetent. and a key reason I have a Glowforge. Some things I can usually do better than those around me but that would not be one of them. I would certainly pay to have someone not so much add that ability to a small robot. even toss in my drone that I have never managed to get working.

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I have recently been toying with the idea to combine an rc truck with a battery-powered weed-whacker. It would use a 3-channel controller and receiver, so that I could toggle the weed-whacker with the thumb switch.

Have also considered making a harness-rig to pull my push-mower using an RC truck, but never got past the conceptual phase.

In either case, treads might prove more effective than wheels…

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Lots of stuff on Youtube. Almost decided to convert my B&D 36V to an r/c mower. But it looks like about $400 (since I already have the mower).

I have a dead power chair that probably has mostly good parts but the company is defunct and nobody will even look into what is wrong with it besides dead batteries because “You can’t get parts for it” though I think most parts are off the shelf standard. It would be totally amazing to have some standard fittings that would attach to the post in front that would include a mower, a street sweeper, a light duty fork lift and or crane.

That could be a great business as many families have them from when elders have passed as well as the many who need them