Re-wrapping leatherette wrapped flasks after messing them up

I’ve messed up a few leatherette wrapped flasks and it annoys me because I don’t like to waste good product. I peeled the leatherette wrapped off one of the flasks and wondered if there is still a way I could use it.

Have any of you found a way to either re-wrap the flasks with new leatherette or done something else with them?

No personal experience, but the material could become a hat patch or stocking patch. You could fill the flask with your favorite adult beverage and decide it didn’t matter if it was wrapped or not. :wink:


I have always purchased plain flasks and made my own leather wraps…either with grommet and lacing closure or with snap closure. (These two also have detachable swivel snaps…target market Cosplay, renaissance faires, etc)


nice. Good ideas. Thank you for sharing.


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