Read Only Mode


Just me or is the site in Read Only mode again?




I keep seeing that notification but then I can post and like things, so…


same here


Most of the time it is because the Discourse servers are being updated.


Is anyone else just waiting for the day that an update loses all of your read history?


Ummm, No!


I only saw that read only thing once…and was still able to post. Haven’t seen it again since.


If I refresh the page, it goes away.


Yeah I mostly posted this to see if I could. :wink:


Maybe the forum is just feeling lazy and hoping we will take a break for a night?

Sorry forums, were snowed in here, so Im gonna be posting haha


Now that’s funny…Yep, it’s just him…Or yep, it’s in read only mode?

One wonders how someone can post a topic if the site is read only. :slightly_smiling_face:


Having troubles posting also.


I really think they need to reconsider this Saturday update stuff. Perhaps most users of Discourse are folks with 40 h/w 9-5 jobs and need it at work. But what about the weekend warriors?:heart_eyes:


I’m right there with you!