Reading suggestion for the glowforge staff!

After reading the forums for months now (preorder was October 24) I have decided that no matter what @Dan says or the glowforge staff presents, someone inevitably will complain about it or misunderstand it in some way. Made me think of a book I read as a kid and thought the staff may read it and realize you aren’t going to make everyone happy, so don’t get discouraged by the forums. The book is “The Butter Battle” by Dr. Seuss.

It reminds you that no matter what you do or say, someone is going to complain or have a gripe about it. As for me I am extremely impressed with all of you. @dan seems like an amazing man with incredible drive who has put together a great staff. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the finished product.

P.S. He also seems to have a knack for hiring very pretty female staff lol. So keep up the good work at that also lol


The Butter Battle:

I think the book reads like the forums on here sometimes lol

I can sympathize with this, though I do feel like sometimes people have legitimate concerns that buyers rag on them about, and that is equally unhelpful.

I agree whole heartedly that is why I never post or respond negatively. But I have been in the staffs shoes, trying to make a customer happy but they want unreasonable things. No matter what you do or say someone is going to disagree. Post was meant lighthearted for the staff not to insult anyone on forums

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