Ready for our new arrival!

We’re one week from our “due date” and can’t wait!! Ready to get burning!!

Hopefully we can post some updates once it gets here!!
Also wanted to say thank you to everyone in the gf community for all the helpful info and advice here. We look forward to putting all into practice!



You have a nice looking set up so far.


You’re going to have a lot of fun!!


Yeah, nice rig.


Thanks!! We went through several ideas in our head before seeing a pic with a similar set up. The one in that pic was from Harbor Freight(18.5”x46” I think). It was out of stock till Sep 3rd.
We found this one at Home Depot. It was about twice the $ but it seems a lot heavier and it is 24.5”x56”. We really liked how it would match the GF.
As for the AC Infinity, we picked that idea up here in the forums along with some YouTube videos. I’m impressed by how powerful it seems yet still so quiet. We do graphic tees and embroidery too in our small space and didn’t want to drive ourselves out while in use :smile:
We also have 12” masking, calipers, and an x acto set to get us started. Any other recommendations greatly appreciated btw…


I recognized a need for a saw to cut materials down. Looks like you are all set, and obviously stoked about your new laser. I have never owned a tool that inspires creativity like it. Enjoy your adventure!


Pregnant with anticipation eh? :smiley:


You are SO much more prepared than I (and a bunch of us) were when we got ours. Well done!
Now - are you comfortable with design software?


Yes, I have been using illustrator for a few years now doing our graphic tees and it seems pretty similar with the exception of breaking up the graphics by color to designate what operations I want the GF to perform…
That said, I’m not familiar with 3D designing but look forward to diving into it at some point… Which software is best for the 3D design?


I’m literally working on my first 3D design project now, and I’m still defaulting to 2D most of the time, but there are others here who are deep divers. If you’re using it as a hobbiest then Fusion360 is free and very powerful. There are tons of their own, and other’s, training videos to walk you through each thing, but it really is a completely different way of thinking and I haven’t gotten my brain around it yet!

Here’s a rabbit hole for you to fall into: Search results for '3D design' - Glowforge Owners Forum


you will like that cart.

HD or is it lowes. has an adjustable height table that I use for INFEED to my pro, and it makes a great assembly etc. surface too.

I got a 5 drawer cart from Menards. though they aren’t all over like HD and LOWES.


You are so very ready! Welcome to the adventure soon. Look forward to seeing what you create.


HD has one. Manual height adjustment (handwheel, no biggie, very smooth) and a couple of full length drawers. I got one for my wife for her sewing table.

yep that’s the one. I had gotten one from Menards but that one with the drawers looked better. it didn’t show up on the searches when I was looking for one. I just happened by a couple on display. made the Frownie face and kept walking.

That’s how I found it. But twice over 6 months so it looks like something they get randomly and not a regularly stocked item.

I put mine on wheels - as I recall it came with little feet with slides.

is that the 8 inch fan with a 6 inch hose to a 4 inch hose ?

No, it’s the 6” fan reduced to a 4” hose on the left and a 6” hose on the right.


Is there anyway for me to familiarize myself with the GF software before it gets here? When I go to I just have and option of choosing from the following…

Mine hasn’t shipped yet but I would love to be able to click around and find all the buttons I can so I can jump into cutting quicker… As mentioned above, I am already familiar with Illustrator so that is no problem. I’m sure it’s not too difficult, I just like to tinker and that option would be great to help during this long wait :smile:

P.S. I did find the thread labeled “Can I Use My Software Before My GF Arrives” but it didn’t seem to fully answer the question and it has also been closed for over a year…

Welcome! Can’t wait to see what you will make when your “baby” arrives!

Actually the interface is quite simple.

the software most people find challenging is the various programs used to create the files you upload.

highly recommend that whichever you use you get the custom color palette corresponding to the program you decide on. the colors are arranged in order of operation.

so you can easily pick the colors that will order your cutting/engraving operations.

IOW, you want the INSIDE of small circles cut before you cut the outside part so you always have the material firmly fixed in place. and you want engraving operations done BEFORE you cut the piece out because that keeps it stable for the engrave.

I sure hope that makes sense. :slight_smile: