Ready to make first print can't get beyond scanning

Ready to make first print can’t get beyond scanning

It could be a wifi issue. A quick way to eliminate that as the problem is to set your phone up as a wifi hotspot, go thru the wifi setup process and select that, then try connecting thru the Glowforge app again.

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Is it happening when you’ve just turned on the machine, or after you’ve set up your material and job and hit the print button? (The more detail you can provide in your P&S post, the faster the tech can help troubleshoot your issue!).

But as @eflyguy noted, often communication error outside of the GF unit can cause this. So the step with the phone will help eliminate what could be causing it. Often clearing your cache on your computer helps–lots of information is trying to go via internet, and still amazes me how often things don’t go wrong! (but always frustrating when it does!).

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I’m sorry for the challenging start. I took a look at the logs from your Glowforge to investigate, and I can see that your unit is broadcasting its temporary Wi-Fi signal often.

Could you please check the color of the button on your Glowforge?

If the button is teal, this shows that the unit is waiting for you to connect to it for Wi-Fi setup, and you will not be able to calibrate or print. Please power off your Glowforge and then power it back on. Check to make sure there is nothing sitting on your Glowforge that may be accidentally pressing the button such as material or tools.

If the button is not teal and you’re still having trouble calibrating, please let me know and we’ll keep working to make sure that you’re back to printing as quickly as possible.


Boy do I feel stupid. I thought the GF was going offline when the teal button went off. Whenever I saw the light was off I would turn it back on. That’s not my only problem. I mentioned in one of my messages that I was going to buy a laptop so I could have in the basement with the GF. It came late last week but I could not make any changes or add programs because it required an administrators password it also had the name Darrin DeYoung when I first started it up. I contacted Amazon and they couldn’t understand it because it was supposed to be a new laptop. I waiting to hear back from them and I hope to make an exchange soon. I promise to let you know when I make my first print. All of your help is really appreciated.




Thank you for keeping us updated Peter! I apologize if the Wi-Fi setup instructions were confusing in any way.

Please let us know when you are able to run a test print, and if any of the same trouble is occurring.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. I can see that we’ve also been helping you via email, so we can continue there. Thanks again!