Really, really disappointed......again

So got my delivery update email, opened it excitedly. It’s October right when we were all going to get our Glowforge right? Wrong. Yet another delay of months. I am not angry, too disappointed and frustrated to be angry. So please bare with me while I vent a little.

A little background on why I purchased a Glowforge. I was made redundant in August 2015 after a prolonged serious illness. At time I was unsure if I would be fit enough to return to the workforce again. I saw the advert for Glowforge and thought great…I can use this to start my own bussiness and work from home. Fortunately for me my health has improved significantly, I still struggle some days but I have been able to return to the workforce. Would still like the Glowforge and start the business so if I am made redundant again I have something that I can work from home.

A few questions for @Dan, his team and forum users. I am aware if I don’t like anything I can request a full refund. I don’t want a refund though, I want a Glowforge.

  1. What is the cause of the latest disappointing delay. Are there problems with the manufacturing process? Or is it really just can’t make them quick enough? Are the manufacturer running the line 24/7 to meet demand and shipping deadlines?
  2. Shipping costs. Every time the huge shipping costs to Europe have been raised the answer was something along the lines of…we are concentrating on making the Glowforge better & getting it to you quicker, so we don’t have time to look into cheaper alternatives… 2 years seems and don’t have it any quicker but plenty of time to look into alteranatives. Please look at cheaper alternatives.
  3. Has any overseas customer recieved a Glowforge? Where are they based?
  4. All the additional items added as a thanks for not cancelling. Discount on prograde items until 2
    End of 2018. This won’t really benefit me or others who don’t have a Glowforge yet. Please look into extending by 12/24 months from delivery date of the unit.
  5. Referal. I did have a referral, I have an email from yourselves informing me of that. I was delighted, a complete stranger saving me $100. Nice. Checking my referral status after the most recent email and it shows none? I looked into it a little myself and it says that referral is only for active orders, if the person cancelled your $100 disappears. That seems a bit unfair given the many delays on Glowforge part. I can’t really blame disappointed people for cancelling but to penalize others who have waited very patiently…

There are two reasons for delays.

They have not been able to make machines fast enough to meet the October schedule. This has been clear for a long time but they kept on saying they would meet it. This is what winds people up. It is the dishonesty, not the actual delay. It was obvious to me I would not get my machine this year more than a month ago.

They don’t have the necessary certifications to send machines to other countries, so there have not been any deliveries outside the US yet and probably won’t be any until next February.


Thanks for the reply. I don’t frequent the forum a great deal these days, just pop in now and again. So am not up to speed with any known issues. I am sure if I had a Glowforge I would frequent the forum a great deal more.

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I am annoyed as well. My 10/1/2015 order got delayed to February 2018. And the discount for the proofgrade materials is quite useless to me as I won’t be ordering that stuff to EU. Same goes for the inventables gitf certificate.

The shipping and import costs make those things useless.

BUT! If the following is true then I can’t really complain.

It reflects the very latest compliance and logistics information on shipping to Slovenia from our international shipping consultants.

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Ok, just realized this is in the wrong place and there is a discussion on October update, mods feel free to move it. Thought it strange there wasn’t a bit of uproar. Lol.

1: Constant problems! We’re always working to reduce assembly time, improve quality, strengthen supply chains, etc. Also, we can’t make them quickly enough.
2: Unfortunately, we’re not late because we have lots of time to spare - we’re late because we have so much to do. If committed to even more work, that would make us even later… and customers have been pretty consistent in saying that’s not what they want.
3: We haven’t shipped them outside the US, although we have shipped them to Hawaii and Puerto Rico, I believe.
4: Thank you for the suggestion; we’ll consider it.
5: I’m sorry to hear that.