Recalibration Failing

Hey everyone!

I am trying to run a passthrough cut on our glowforge pro, and I have ran two unsuccessful attempts so far. I have cleaned the machine, and that didn’t help. I am now trying to recalibrate, using proofgrade material, and it gets stuck after it prints all the GF symbols and is scanning them. It says I need to use all white material 12x20 (which I am). I’ve ran it through twice with no avail.

Any suggestions? Next step is to turn my hotspot on my phone, but after that, I have no ideas.

Any 20" wide paper tacked on with a bit of spray adhesive to even a skeleton will do. The recalibration will not burn through all but the thinnest paper so all it needs is to be flat.

Meanwhile, it needs clean windows, in all three of the bottom of the head, and the wide angle in the lid. the cleaner the better.

And It will take quite a while after it has scored the paper. I think mine took an hour If I remember right.


It got up to as much as 17%, and “finished” by saying it was recalibrating, but then this is the error that keeps coming up…

Thank you for your reply, and that’s a great tip on the paper… I hadn’t thought of that. Genius. It sure felt like a waste of proofgrade material to use on this.

Sadly, I just cleaned it and recleaned… same issues :frowning:

Normally adding light is not a good thing but in this case as much diffuse as possible light might be worth trying, but I think shadows are bad.

Make sure of course that there are no edges where the machine might expect it to be white.

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I’ll see if I can add more light… from what I can tell, I don’t see any edges. It looks all lined up perfectly to me, so the lighting might be worth looking into. Thank you!!!

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For a recal the material needs to completely cover the crumb tray in the front. If it isn’t forward enough the recal will fail.

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Try the phone hotspot thing, in my case that did the trick. The calibration routine requires stable WIFI over the course of the longish process which turns out isn’t the same as strong WIFI.

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I will try that next time… it looked as forward as it could, but maybe i should have it even more forward. thank you!!

I got further with the hotspot, so that’s good!

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I’m sorry for the ongoing trouble. I’m glad to see that you’ve already received some excellent information from our other community members. Thanks folks!

I extracted the logs and found that your unit is running into trouble during the step where it measures the height of the material. I’d like to take a look at the bottom of your print head for anything unusual. Will you please send me a photo similar to the following example which shows the two windows on the bottom of the head?

Our team will review this photo and then follow up with next steps.

ivan, I’m having a similar issue. My laser head has covers over that location.

@jennikainoriginals, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into a similar issue. We try to keep to one topic per post in the Problems and Support section. Can you create a new post with this question, or send us an email at

It’s been some time since we’ve heard from you @carolinawoodcompany. Would you let us know if you’re still experiencing trouble? If so, please send us a photo of the bottom of your Printer Head to determine the next best steps.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email