Recalibration fails at the end

Hey all. I’ve recently deep cleaned and moved my Forge into another room. Figured I should do the recalibration test. I’ve looked at previous videos of others recalibration and it’s different than what I have. Anyway, I get to the end of it checking the material height, it hits 100%, and then it says it couldn’t recalibrate.

I have my wood where it is supposed to be. It’s a blank piece of basswood, no QR code showing, it prints all the GF symbols all over the board. Nothing seems to be wrong but at the very end it says it failed. I’ve now run this twice. Any ideas?

Small edit: I’m running an engrave I’ve done multiple times, and it seems to be going fine so far. Everything looks good. The only issue is my GFUI image is a little blurry. So I guess I’m not super worried but… I’d still like to calibrate.

Mine failed time and time again until I used my phone as a hot stop right next to the machine. I never had a problem with my WiFi connection, but it seems to the calibration process it has to be REALLY strong or it fails. At least that’s how I finally got it to work.


It could be a wifi issue? never had that happen to me before but might be something to check into seeing as how you moved the unit recently. It would be nice if it gave you an error code for why it failed, but might be asking for too much lol

My GF, and many other 2.4GHz wifi devices, have been running reliably on my network for years, but the calibration process failed something like ten times until I set up a different wifi router just to run that. I since reverted to my original wifi connection, with no issue.

Suggest trying a mobile phone hotspot just to get thru that process, then reset to your original wifi connection.

Thanks everybody! I’ll definitely try the hotspot when I have a chance. Currently all my prints have been going perfect, so I’m not super worried about getting the recalibration going. But I’ll definitely do it after this weekend is over. I’ll consider this case closed but if it does get locked, I’ll post in Everything Else or somewhere how the recalibration goes with a hotspot. Thank you again all!!


I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the camera recalibrator. I agree that your next step would be trying the recalibrator with a stronger Wi-Fi connection. I can leave this thread open for you.

Once you’ve had a chance to try again, please let us know if you still having trouble.

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It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email