Recalibration interrupted

I’ve been trying to run the beta recalibration process, the printing goes fine, but the measurement process comes up with a message that the process has been interrupted, this shows up in the same browser window I started the process from. In addition I get a pop-up window that says the recalibration has completed but nothing changed.

I ran it through twice and got exactly the same results.

I have a good strong wifi signal in the room and went through the full cleaning process before running the recalibration.

I’m not sure what to do at this point.

BTW I’m running this because my lid camera is very blurry and other people have been told to run the recalibration first to see if that fixes the problem.

John S.

The calibration only aligns what the camera sees to the head position, for accuracy of placing material. The camera itself can not change focus and running the calibration won’t fix a blurry image, which is not a problem unless it consistently fails to detect the barcode on PG materials.

As to wifi issues, I have been using the same wifi in the same location for two years without issue, but the calibration would fail (in my case, “expired” message) over and over. I had to use a different wifi router to complete the calibration, after which I re-connected to the original wifi router and it’s been working just fine ever since as well. A strong signal does not eliminate wifi as the issue.

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I’m sorry you ran into trouble when trying to run the recalibration process. @eflyguy is correct that the focus of your unit’s lid camera won’t be changed by the recalibrator.

Has your unit had trouble identifying Proofgrade material when it’s loaded into the bed?

Yes, it cannot read the proofgrade code. When I first got it it could (even though it was still fairly blury) but now it won’t read the code at all.

I’ve cleaned the lens and cleaned out the tray and dimples several times and no difference. I was going to try some differing height materials to see whether the focus is too low or too high but haven’t done that yet.

The actual cutting etc looks very good so it seems to just be an issue of the lid camera. The big problem for me is that any attempt at locating a new cut to what is already on the board is almost impossible.

John S.

I extracted the logs to look into why Proofgrade wasn’t recognized, and I noticed there was frequently a very bright light shining into your Glowforge. You may find reducing the overhead light provides some improvement to automatic detection.

However I do also see the camera is fairly blurry.

As I’m sure you’re aware, you can always select your material:

  • Click “Unknown” on the left hand side of the Workspace

  • Type the name of the Proofgrade material in the search bar

  • Select the correct Proofgrade material

For a more permanent solution to the blurry camera, unfortunately that is an issue that we can’t resolve remotely, and would need to repair your Glowforge.

I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.