Receive Glowforge now or wait for fixes?

Hi everyone,

Got the email saying my pre-release (pro + air filter) unit is ready. However, read on the forums that some folks are having issues with things like alignment…

Any thoughts on whether it makes sense to have the unit shipped to me now or wait a few more months until the issues get ironed out? I’m not particularly in a hurry but wonder if this will make any difference.

Thanks for the help!

Get it now.
Any alignment fix is going to be in software, not hardware, so waiting won’t do anything other than keep you from using your Glowforge.


Just got mine. I have been playing with it for a few days, and there are a few ‘rough edges’ I have noticed, but they are mostly software related. Hardware might get better the longer you wait, but the product delivers on its promises in its current form.

I don’t think the air filter is ready. If that’s critical to your installation, you might want to wait. Otherwise, if you can vent it, get it now.


If you intend to use it in a commercial or government location (i.e. a business or a school), most jurisdictions in the U.S. require that the unit be NRTL certified. If that is the case, you will probably want to wait until they complete that process.

Otherwise, the hardware has been fairly solid - when it survives the UPS gauntlet.

The software is a work-in-progress, but it works well enough that there isn’t any real reason to hold off.