Received refurbished machine not working

I bought a new Pro model and received it in December 2021. I only had it 2 months and the power supply went out so Glowforge sent me a refurbished machine. I received it yesterday but it has more problems than my original machine. Don’t these get tested before shipping out to customers? This refurbished machine lid lights don’t work, it won’t center itself and keeps banging against the front. The camera wouldn’t take a pic but I did fine the cable clip keeps popping open. I check all the lid cable connections and they seem to be good. I’m frustrated and just want a machine that works. Plus boxing, unboxing and shipping them back and forth is no easy task either. Please help!

Nothing the community can do. You need to call or email support for another replacement.



Thanks! I’m waiting for a response from them. I thought maybe a more wise guru had a trick to fix it.

I’m in no way a wise guru, so…

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They do, but that doesn’t stop it from being in a different condition once FedEx/UPS rolls it end-over-end a few dozen times on the way to you.


have you checked your black lid cable make sure its connected properly ? like all tabs are down not up? do ur lights work when machine is powered on?

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The lid lights have not come on at any time since I pulled the machine out of the box. I checked all the cables and they appear to be connected.

Are all 3 of the tabs correct?

And check these tabs aswell

Everything looks connected to me have u unclipped them and re inserting the black lid vcable back into there slots. If the leds dont turn on that cable is its main supply. Do u still have previous machine u can test out a different black cable ?

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