Received shipping notice of my Pro order

For those keeping track of such things:

Order on 2015-10-14
Initial “shipping” notice scheduled for Oct 31, 2017
Oct 16 revised shipping notice: Oct 23
Oct 24 revised shipping notice: Oct 25
Shipping notice received Oct 25 at 9:15PM EDT
Acknowledged and confirmed: Oct 26 at 8:10AM EDT

Received shipping notice of proof grade: Nov 4 at 12:36AM.
Nice to know the GF shipping folks don’t need sleep. :smiley:

Proof grade material delivered Nov 7, 2:39PM

Email of real world shipping arrived on 11/22/17 at 12:32pm. Posted delivery in Tuesday, 11/28 by 8pm.

I will update as more information comes in.


Good for you! Get ready!

That’s great!

The table to the right has been set up for five months. :blush:

Now I have to clean it off again…


Congrats! (And that looks so familiar.) :smile:

I think there is a physical law that describes how the accumulation of project clutter is directly proportional to the area of free space, regardless of whether my project is in actual progress or not. Cool workspace.


“Kipple breeds Kipple” Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (P.K. Dick)


How’d I know that you were a PKD reader?

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Is it my anti-radiation codpiece or Substance D smile that gave it away?

I have (AFAIK) all his works, love to read them as often as possible!

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Oh wow, you are an even bigger PKD fan than I am of RAH!

I do rereading but only of my favorites. I’ve only read 4 or 5 of PKD works. Including the above mentioned.

Some of his short stories are incredible; the depth of the man’s vision is really remarkable.
Unlike H.P. Lovecroft they translate well in to Movie and TV scripts as well as being less ‘wordy’ making them much more approachable.

Do yourself a favor and grab an Anthology of his short-stories.

In general I admit i love dystopian writing (or ‘morality plays’ as i like to refer to them); i make a point of reading ‘1984’ every 6 months just to keep myself alert!


Feeling like a redheaded step child. 26 days into an reported average 21 day delivery time between responding to the shipping email and receiving the device and nary a whisper…

I know I can’t complain for another sixteen days (the actual end of “6 week” shipping window), but I can’t help feeling a bit frustrated and teased after this long of a wait.


Averages mean it’s as likely to be later/longer as it was potentially to be faster/earlier. For all the people that got it in less than 3 weeks there have to be others getting it past 3 weeks.

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Agree, mine took about 5-1/2 weeks


Yep, same here. I was amongst the first shipments after the new package design back in June and had the longer than average wait. Then UPS built a bigger gorilla, so after I received the GF, I had to wait a few more days for a replacement.



We’re RAH fans here too. As a matter of fact, I have an RAH signed copy of I Will Fear No Evil inscribed to PK Dick.


Want the very first one delivered on the very last day of the six weeks?

Mad_macs ordered his Pro the day after I did, got his email the same day I did, received his shipping info a week ago and received his GF yesterday…


Almost exact same dates - 10/16/15, notice email on 25th, responded early 26th, proofgrade delivered on the 7th. What state are you in/is it going to? Let me know if you hear anything and I will do the same. I’ve started to figure that keeping the forge’s space tidy is what’s preventing it from showing up. Have started to clutter it up with stuff to try out when it comes in the hopes of fixing said mistake…


There are some pretty materials there.

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