Recieved the Golden Email!

I finally received the Golden Email right on time, on the day that they forecasted 10/27/17. Now to start cleaning and prepping!


They seem to have the estimate thing down now.
On to “Production”!


Congratulations! I’ve loved seeing more and more notices coming out. Any ideas for your first project?

Edit: Whoops, meant to reply to jimstock60.


Great news!


Congrats! My magic date is 10/30…probably the first weekend I have ever wanted to FLY by!


When did purchase it? Pro? Congrats

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I had always wanted to start out with food, might buy a giant Reeses or something, maybe some tortillas to etch a religous figure into. Just need to get the silliness out of the way, then the ruler, then I have some leather folders I would like to detail. Then, then, then…the list has gotten long.


Just received the golden ticket email for my Pro! Day 26 order (10/19 @ 12:15pm).

Right on schedule based on the forecasted date listed in my account.


Good, was hoping you would I was about 6 hrs earlier, Pro as well. I saw earlier that we were on the same day, would have been weird if our emails were far apart. Congrats, now the wait begins for shipment notifications…Have you joined UPS MyChoice?

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Nice! I received my tracking/shipping info today!



It seemed like a lot of people over the last week or so were getting their emails late in the evening, so I wasn’t going to be worried until Monday. (I assumed they weren’t working on the weekends).

Now I have to finish prepping my workspace for the GF.


yep, you and I both, have shelves and table to put together. Probably busy Saturday tomorrow, heh. But done with a smile now.

Same here. I’m going with a 41" rolling tool chest for mine. And I need to install the booster fan and splitter on my vent line.

My golden email came 10/30 (Monday). It’s now 11/3 (Friday). So far no tracking number. For those of you who have received yours, how long did it take for them to actually ship after you accepted the shipment notice?

Typically 2-4 weeks. Or if you accept the official word in the email… Up to six. Tracking numbers from the company often don’t arrive before the box.

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Typically the box of Proofgrade materials comes after around 7-10 days and the Glowforge itself arrives about 3 weeks after the email. Note that the Proofgrade ships from Tennessee whereas the Glowforge ships from California.

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After getting my golden email it was about 5 days and I got the proof grade material. And then I got a message from glowforge 2 days later that the materials were shipping. The best thing to do is to get the UPS my choice app. This is how I was informed it was coming. I am about 30 miles from where they ship the proof grade from. So the closer you are to the shipping point the quicker you will get it probably. :slight_smile:

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It has been 2 weeks now Since the golden email, received the Proofgrade materials week and a half in, got them last Wednesday. Still no Tracking number. Talking with another GFer who lives very close, for shipping to our area for him was a good four weeks from golden email to shipping notice, and then about a week from their to the Glowforge. So, I am expecting two more weeks until shipping notice, and three until Glowforge. It is crawling by, this may be worse than the last two years…like approaching your destination and all you can think about is how much you have to go to the bathroom.