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Hey guys!
I am new to glowforge and am seriously struggling with the edit process! I am trying to take and old fade recipe and place it on a cutting board. I have never used photo shop before. I tried to just scan as PDF but it comes out all faded!

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So this has come up lots of times before, but it’s usually about removing lines from the recipe, like on a lined index card. What are you trying to change with this?


What does it look like if you place the recipe in the Glowforge and scan?

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If you want it darker you want to mess with the brightness/contrast settings. I don’t use photoshop so I can’t point you to them directly, but they’re likely under the image adjustments menu.



Your first image at least you’ll want to scan again, it’s horribly artifacted. Check your scan settings. Since you’re using Photoshop scan it to .TIF instead of PDF, set the resolution high - like 600 DPI and BW/Grayscale instead of color if available. Once in Photoshop the contrast tool is here Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. If you want to selectively adjust certain areas instead of the whole thing use the dodge/burn tool (it’ll be in the tools palette).


One thing I have been doing a lot is converting Jpg files to vector. The Jpg is covered with horrid artifacts but when I do a big contrast almost everything goes to either black or white. There can be occasional artifacts still but in Gimp I can grow the mask by one and then shrink the mask by one, and all the artifacts that are one or two pixels are no longer there. All the sharp points will be rounded also but since the artifacts are usually away from the edge so I can shrink the mask more till only the smallest points or even more as long as it is away from the artifacts and then fill the result with the black or white as sensible then when the mask divides the colors perfectly you can save the mask as a path and export the path as an SVG.

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Do you need to change the recipe to a svg to run in Glowforge?

Does it work to scan recipe and then engrave or score?

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You won’t be able to score it from the scan, but you should be able to engrave it. You may need to fiddle with it a bit to remove background noise.

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An .svg file can hold both vectors (cut/score/engrave) and rasters (engrave only) - you do not need to have a .svg to upload it to the :glowforge:, but if you want to do anything other than engraving you will want to create lines in a vector program and save that as an .svg.

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