Recipe trace including lines

Im needing help tracing a recipe to include the lines. Ive had several people on other forums try to help but everytime i bring it into my silhouette business software to trace it the words get less clear and it doesnt look right. Ive tried not tracing it and just sending it thru to glowforge as an svg but it doesnt print right. Can anyone help me get a clear svg to engrave please.

Producing acceptable engraves of hand-written recipes is one of the most difficult, but also more common, challenges.

If you share a high quality (resolution and contrast) image here, someone might be able to help.


If you have access or know someone who has access to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw it would help. Both these programs are great at converting hand drawn pictures (or recipes) into vector files. Once in vector format, it is easy to keep the drawing clear and concise. You may even be able to get someone to do it for you for a small fee.


I have heard that the free Adobe Capture mobile app does a really good job of tracing. Haven’t tried it myself.

Hi there! I have some experience converting recipes to engravable files. Cutting boards with a family recipe are a fairly popular item in my area. I find that if you can turn it into a black and white file and remove the background before tracing it works much better than just tracing it. If you wanted to share a high quality image I can see what I could do for you.


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